Choose value focus life, live a lifetime of happiness.

Deciding to live a lifestyle of health and wellness begins with a simple choice to act.

Simply, choose!  Yes, it is as simple as that. A caveat, also easy not to choose!

Greetings everyone.  Call me Annabelle or “Ate” pronounced, ah-teh’ with a silent ‘h’! I am nearing 65 years in age.  Ok, I can say it “old”.  ASRSwiwHome

Are you racing for time?  I’ll make this short then.  Or, are you really rushed, you can start here.

Time is what we have in certainty while it’s spent at a speed of 24 hours a day!  Time has a way of getting by and we wake up one morning and sigh with utter wonder.

There are seven components of wellness which vie for our time. Though, most are concentrated on:

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Social/Family
  • Mental and
  • Spiritual.
  • Environmental and
  • Intellectual wellness are running close behind.

We can sum this up to be the “circle of life.”

Simple begets simplicity!  It was infused by the easiness of minimal choices, first introduced in my childhood.

The treasure I have growing up in the Philippines’ northern island, brought effortless in simple fashion by modest people.  Utilizing the abundance of nature around, instinctively prompts each of my family members to carry out a physically active lifestyle.  To be mindful of spending is ‘Budgeting 101’ in my youth.  Prudence is a must for our survival then and is a sequel into my very comfortable lifestyle in today’s economy.

In the same manner and with clear purpose of this website; sharing treasures I have accrued in total wellness. Contribute the wealth to humanity, the community and most especially to the future of this world, our children. 

What greater feed is there than to hear you have made a difference in somebody’s life?

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