A solid plan to reduce usage of TV and other devices; helps keep a budget. Other entertainment activities boost physical and brain health.

5th Lifestyle Alterations: Reduce (TV) Tube Time.

Reduce Tube Time, television watching is possible and I am here to encourage my readers, the difficulty lies in how we approach this task.  Let’s apply the: gain knowledge, daily application and achieving a positive result.

And, to make it clear, I do watch TV!  Albeit, I try not to go beyond my allotted time.  We watch recorded favorite shows: Everybody Loves Raymond, I Love Lucy, TV series via Netflix.  Adding Amazon Prime, last Christmas’ gift box content afforded by my children!  Admitting, the latter is more in use with Prime music!

There exists consideration weighted by the demanding need for Internet.  Here lies the main factor: research! Just about every question asked, directs you to, “search the internet” or “google it” (your question).  Professionals, educators, young and old alike, even so, point towards the WorldWideWeb connection. And, I am in this encircled Web.

A plan to reduce television and other tube time must be formulated

Gain, knowledge

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ published an article of interest.  See attached excerpt:

“Computer is still king of devices and is still the primary device for accessing online content. However, tablet and smart phone use have been steadily increasing, and two-thirds of adults now regularly use a smart phone. In particular, activities such as watching video clips online, playing games, instant messaging and social media have driven growth in mobile internet use in the UK.

Meanwhile, instant messaging use has leaped from 38% of mobile phone users in 2013 to 42% in 2014, driven by services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

More people are also watching TV and films online. A quarter of internet users regularly catches up on programs online, compared to one in ten in 2007. This rises to 39% of 16-24-year-olds, up from 21% in 2007.

However, TV is still an important method of consumption for many. When asked which device they would miss the most, almost four in ten adults said they would feel most lost without a television.”

A reality check and admission

Having read this third-party validation article gave me a better perspective, a reality check as I admitted my online and television usage has trebled into all-time highs.

Application and result

Attention in balancing my schedule for stimulating and/or investing activities regarding “other” personal projects seldom fall behind television viewing.  Subsequently, I am back on doing those small to-do steps towards my new-found project!

Blogging and a manuscript, both excite me over the moon and back to writing!  Adding a goal to read a “good” book every 3 weeks makes for “effective brain exercise.”  Note: Open Education Data Base…

OEDB.org…Ten things that happen to our minds when we read.

Physically, I have boosted my workout from 3 days to 6 days a week.  Special attention to ending my full day with body stretching, and weaning attention to reading a good book (personal development or biographies) or listening to worship and bible studies on radio stations, is particularly calming.

Returning to the 5th Lifestyle alterations: Reduce Tube Time

How to afford U-Verse TV, the Internet, and two mobile phones under a ‘bill and a half?’

Humility does exude when reliance is upon divine goodness; we are thankful that we have funds for our basic needs.  Prior to lean days, we relished for many years in plumped finances. At that time, Western living has been but modest for us.  Overwhelming with blessings, innumerable times with necessities and beyond.  Family, health and material ownership were the norms presumed.

Meekness is a trait a’ molding when financial challenges come. 

Some adversities bring out trueness in self. It was certainly a blessing in disguise. Allowing us to experience sweeter goodness in simple living!Five months…when I look back to a time of gentility; I am forever grateful for a testing much-needed.

Our genuine need was heard.

Our set budget of $150 or less for bundled service was a task I felt assured may be accomplished.  Now equipped with more information, I placed a call to our service provider, ATT and explained our situation.  I also mentioned that Charter Cable was pushing an irresistible deal to nab us away from our long-time provider.

The need for Internet and two mobile phones were simpler than justifying cable need.

However, after hearing that another provider could offer a promotion on both cable and the Internet for less than $60, ATT was ready to offer me a deal.  Since ATT at that time was laboring for customer retainment, the two bundled services they offered us $60 for a two-year contract.  And, with an ‘icing on this cake’, a faster Internet speed!

Double icing on the cake

Likewise, ATT wireless offered us desirable deal with two cellular phones with unlimited talk and text. We didn’t use data back then like we do now. And, for less that $80, I couldn’t resist.

Thank God, we met our budget and it’s good for two years!

What about another entertainment budget? What “another” entertainment?

Did I pacify the above-mentioned question with a question?  Yes, summarizing our five very lean months: our budget for food, with the budget for utilities and budget for (we hope for none) miscellaneous items made for entertainment at home, a sweet and memorable time.

Thriving in those lean time; 21 weeks training in advance budget and finance.  I feel equipped more than ever, knowing God has taken great care of us.  The knowledge, application and great result are effective blessings from above.

Still basking in gratitude for income hike. I thank God for his everlasting presence.  Without His Spirit’s wisdom and strengthening, our latitude wouldn’t be.

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