It pays to be a loyal customer.

It’s bill paying time for our cellular service.  A monthly bill that I have been intending on discussing with ATT Mobility.

2006 – It was a surprise to hear the acquisition of Cingular Wireless (‘CW’), my cellular service provider then.  A period in time when good customer services’ best sells. CW, was a class of its own in delivering boundless consumer assistance!  Later, I find ATT had acquired Cingular.  Imagine that!

In times past, ATT came way behind CW in customer satisfaction.  It was simple to choose which service provider to use.  If there was a slight attempt to improve, audibility was set at low.  Soon, ATT’s difficult task of preserving clientele appeared in their bottom numbers, customers were leaving.

As an ‘old schooler’ chances are given to those who try.  ATT did more than attempt, they did improve!

ATT Mobility, has since strengthened customer attentiveness wherein former CW’s loyal users like me, obligated to stay, perhaps thousands have bridged back over!  Here ten years of wireless correlation and I admit now to be a loyal ATT Mobility customer!

Back to my intention, I called ATT today, July 28, 2016 at 10 a.m. and spoke with Keyuana.  It was a smooth ‘Q and A’ conversation not a discussion.  I merely inquired: “Is there a way you could assist in lowering my cellular phone bill without changing current plans?” (ATT had doubled data plans for loyal customers at no additional cost.) Keyuana politely asked me to hold while she looked at my billing’s back office.

When Keyuana returned, she reminded me of the doubled data reflected a few months ago, as long as plans are not changed.  In thanking her, I imposed a two-part inquiry: “How can ATT help in reducing my bill and what can be done to reduce future statements (in my mind, next month would be good)?”

Customer service at its best today!

In a rueful delivery, Keyuana said that as a courtesy to a loyal client, ATT is providing me a one time $25 credit which instantaneously appeared on my desktop screen as our conversing progressed.  Furthermore, as of September 15 of this year, my bill will be reduced down, $30 a month!

Loyal customers of any service providers:  What are you waiting for?  Make that call, only if you can use an extra $25 today.

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