American "Pinay" sharing God's goodness. Your philosophy will create your life!

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Hello!  I’m Annabelle Sabella-Reza, first I give all the glory to God for everything and everyone in my life. I thank my Lord and Savior for my supportive husband, and three adult children. I am truly joyful to experience the sweet goodness of being a grandmother to five.

We are a diverse preeminent inter-racial family.  Starting with yours truly, a Filipino American (“Pinay”) with a strong Spanish ancestry. I was raised partly in the island and the Western Hemisphere, the USA.  My partner in life and husband, Joseph, is Mexican American with middle-eastern heritage.IMG_7082

My three adult children are Filipino/Anglo descent. My oldest, a Special Needs adult man graces me with humility.  Filipino, Cuban, African, Caucasian, Japanese and Nicaraguan Americans are the various ethnic blood running in my five beautiful grandchildren!

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We are about tribal of many colors!

I am the Chief of Operations at my home.  A bookworm, writer, a geek in the making and shopper by day.

As years of envisioning, I am now living genuine joy in early retirement from the corporate world. Now, embracing sensational venture; sharing wealth in wellness here with you.

My schedule consists of time well spent on meaningful and productive activities, small or big. Infused by my philosophy in life, I am constantly searching and creating for more ways to move towards total wellness.

The key areas along side money matters, I share health and family wellness with a keen focus on environmental state with spirituality as the first thing to jump-start my day. Receiving God’s direction and purpose, energize and give me focus throughout my day’s activities!

More Truth Concerning Me!

I use the simple way or slight edge method in a given situation moving towards achieving positive outcome in my goal. The easy things applied in my day’s activities has proven to produce a more favorable outcome in so many ways.

A fifties child, I was born in Luzon island at the northern end of the Philippines.  I lived with my parents, five siblings and eleven relatives in 3 dwellings, side-by-side each other in one compound.  My deep passion to serve others and live a life of wellness I credit to my family.

Mindfulness in our living a healthier lifestyle directed my husband and our family to be home gardeners.  Involving the younger family members in all aspect of gardening, as they call ‘farming’ in the back yard is priceless!ASRVillaEscadero

Traveling around the world is the utmost benefit in my culture awareness.  Understanding various ways of living simple and healthy in the countries I traveled, has given me perspective in human responsiveness.

In ending, value driven in simple upbringing paved the way to the small things I do everyday.  The easy ways that I choose to move towards, matter most efficiently largely because of the compounding effect.  Natural choices that assure my direction in life would claim positive results.

The blend of handling money matters, cooking healthy and flavorful foods, along with a physically active lifestyle is God’s gift of sweet living in my life.

It’s with my personal conviction, passion and the love of sharing that I part wealth in total wellness to you!

I, welcome you here at: