First One: Giving is receiving: Thrive in financial hardship

August is an anniversary month for my husband and I.  Not, marriage; in life transformation.

This may sound far-fetched; $780 budget for food, utilities, car gas, entertainment and insurance too!  With our unemployment status, facing the reality, a need to make some major changes is apparent.

Thankful for: Keep Your Home California (‘KYHC’) homeowners mortgage assistance program came as a rescue in our destitution They covered nine straight months of mortgage payments plus property tax. Find out more about KYHC.

I was an ‘alterations’ seamstress for a major department store’s apparel; women and men’s department. For clothe to fit in a complimenting and suitable fashion, most often had to be adjusted.  Men from women’s clothing bear indifferent precise measurements and thus, meticulous techniques are applied.  In some cases, ‘mission impossible’ becomes doable.

So with my childhood’s ‘budgeting 101’ together with simple upbringing and acquired ‘alterations’ technique, I had a viable solution into the lean months ahead.

12 feasible ways towards ‘mission possible’.

First One – Giving is Receiving

As the old adage goes, it is in giving that we receive.  When asked, what are you thankful for?  The most common answer is the basic necessities (food, water and shelter).  Next is having great family and friends around.  Good health coming a close third!  I am no different in attributing all the goodness at hand in the midst of a great storm.

For me, goodness in the ‘three’ most popular answers are at a close second to God.

Tithing is the first to stay on our list of budget.  Don’t misunderstand me.  A command from God is weighty significance in itself.

‘10 Reasons Why it is More Blessed to Give than to Receive!’

Be impress on the feel good hormone in giving.  Helping or sharing something in money or time produce a steady feel good hormone.  Serotonin, helps maintain a happy feeling.  Happiness was undeniably keeping us afloat.

Tithing $40 bi-weekly = $80 a month.

Over three decades of keeping a divine order, we have yet to agonize over necessities.  So why start now?  If God presents the birds of the air its need for rations, what more for humanity!

Within a few days of keeping the ‘divine order’ in tact I received a hospital bill for an MRI procedure I have taken.  No worries, it was negative!  Yet, the bill stated a reduced amount of $1,443 (from $19,000).  We were grateful!  Even so, how and where will we get the money to pay for this procedure?

In speaking with the billing representative for the facility, she informed me that with our ‘poverty’ level income, we may qualify for more reduction on the bill.  I filled out an application for ‘uncompensated care’.

7 weeks later, a letter from Presbyterian Inter-community Hospital (‘PIH’) came in.
‘We have carefully reviewed your application for uncompensated care and have determined that your account: Meets the Hospital’s established guidelines for uncompensated services. Approved amount: $1,443.21.  The account will be reduced for the above amount and the guarantor (that’s me) is responsible for $0.00…’

PIH’s approval propagated to other related cost in laboratory tests with 75% reduction on each billed invoice!

Coincidence or pure luck!  I really don’t believe in luck, activities we choose are direct correlation to results. Everyday, we work on our relationship, health, finance too, yes we did.  Priorities dictated our outcome.  Unemployment didn’t control us, our choices did!

Think how we did!  We were not surprise.  The God that we serve Who value our life, can never be matched in giving.  BTW, God loves a cheerful giver!

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