How to carve out time from HOME to exercise

How to carve out time from home chores to exercise calls for time management along with priorities and creativity.

An endeavor of a lifetime commitment made with ‘me, myself and I.’  So talk about finding time from home to do what most of ‘me,’ would dodge the holy vow made to self, is not always at its best. Still, proven end result is absolutely blissful!

Before we hold hands and go through ways to pare precious period for non-home related motions, as a reminder, small things we do everyday, ultimately results into positive or negative.

Together, let’s focus on the positive.

Please do read my disclaimer page before we even move a finger!

Keeping home, domestic chores are pleasant tasks to me.  A repeat, upbringing with years of application, domestication is more than ‘home relevance.’ Organization is commonsensical skill.

Half of my work outside of home was a direct result of childhood infused competence.  C-Level Assistants, in my time, expertise is a consistent, systemized and acquired aptness!

Remember, small things you do combined in time, your momentum directs you towards success or failure. And, nothing is a quick fix lasting!

1-2-3 formula – How to carve out time from home chores to exercise:

Prioritize.  Yes, priority has taken many to better health, overcome financial hardship, thriving relationships, cope with illnesses, success in goals and dreams.  Priority is a direct correlation to your philosophy.  Value driven creates life, remember!

No.1 – Priority – Exercise at home is a non-negotiable period in my wakeful time.  Awareness is key.

Once, I dealt with full-time job away from home, part-time college student, a home-maker, mommy and wife!  Yes, typing these words…what was I thinking!

There was barely time to fix meals and tend to the 3 kids, let alone, exercise!  Attempts to carve time to keep fit was leading to gravitate.  If you are in my old shoes or in a similar tight schedule outside of your home, then you are in the right place.  Let’s go carving!

Thank you Dr. Schuller for a concrete approach in life:

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” 

Second to our Creator, you are your best advocate.

Stepping on a board popularized exercise movement in 1989.  Thanks greatly to Gin Miller who was injured yet never gave up. A phenomena was born; step aerobics!

We lived in a home with stairs into the entry door and inside, access to the steep backyard by way of stairs. Up and down, my steps by the hundreds on all given chores have left marks on its stairs’ berber covering.

My subconscious mind expelled out nurtured desire to exercise.  A notion to step-up and down for a few minutes at a time, instantaneously would take place.

Up-down, my heart and body were screaming from good feel hormone. More endorphins and 15 minutes of step up gave way to more energy and later, calmness.  That evening, relaxing was at its best delivering family time much deserving moment to cherish.

Ever since, time was blocked and 15 minutes was an excellent start.  Pre-Gin Miller, moves sufficient and effective for my busy schedule.

Back to you.  No stairs at home; crates are perfect.  Sturdy crates that can hold your weight.  Not to mention, risers and blocks you can purchase for home use.

No. 2 – Creativeness births peerless ideas.

Growing up, mom divvied home chores to six children.  She was fair on most instances.  My older sibling have tasks with required skills and muscle strength.  Younger ones, performed lighter and shorter versions of similar duties. It was indeed a domestic preparation into my adulthood!

Applying simple and effective ways to get home chores completed results in more ways than just getting things done.  I share movements that you may already be enjoying.

Ways to build muscle and stamina; simply use your body weight:

o  Kitchen sink dry.
~ Ten pushups hands on front dry side of sink with your feet on dry floor.  Contract core and do not lock your knees.  Avoid, if this move is awkward and/or you do not have correct form.
~ Ten squats* (see movement described below) positioned with legs slightly apart, toes pointing the same direction as your feet.  Do squats parallel with right or left hand on dry side of sink for support.

o Vacuuming or dusting furniture.
~ Lunge as you move the vacuum forward. Repeat as the area freely allows for  correct form.
~ Doing pushups on your freshly vacuumed carpeted floor is an invitation not to be resisted. Pushup for ten!
~ Ten jumping jacks between each room to be vacuumed.
~ *Squats over your couch.  I still do these over my side couch! Hold your stomach in, pelvic slightly tilted, with feet shoulder width apart, squat with your buttocks over your sofa, appearing to sit down.  Make sure your knees are aligned to your toes.

*DO NOT HYPER-EXTEND YOUR KNEES OVER TOES! Slowly squeeze your bum as you move into a standing position. Don’t lock your knees. Repeat squat 9 more times.

o Tri-cep Dips can be added at any time.  I love doing these arm exercises when sweeping the dining room floor. Place a sturdy chair against the wall making sure it’s immovable.  Do 2 sets of 10 dips. Noting, floor is dry.

Vimeo: note, at the end of my house cleaning, I was a bit ‘huff n puff’ in my video. Nonetheless, one set of tri-cep dips is to show you the sculpting form of this movement. For starters, you can choose to cut the reps down to 2 sets of 8 reps.

Take ‘back arm sculpting’ movements outside.
 I end my morning jog with 3 sets of 10 tri-cep dips on our front yard bench, of course its vaulted on bricks.

Remember to stretch after each physical activity.  Foam roll, while TV watching, reading or even when relaxing.  Stretching helps avoid night-time cramps!

Be aware, be safe and be creative.  Your chores and tools in accomplishing household tasks are your ‘gym’ and ‘equipment’ at home.

No. 3 – Exercising is a lifestyle.
Wellness in health vies for your time.  A chosen lifestyle that only you can choose. 

As a child, teenager, young adult and now a retiree; for me, exercise is a lifelong investment.  Treasures in relationships, health provides rare like-gem, enrichment value surpassing ‘pink star diamond’s: Fancy Vivid Pink’s’ worth! It is better wellbeing money cannot buy!

In life, keeping fit with my children was an investment not realized by many around.  Changed minds, as my own family’s results of chosen lifestyle; kinfolks relations have come to respect our world.

Oldest son, with special needs, has chosen walking activity!  My middle and youngest daughters use techniques from their own upbringing.  From the same baton passed to me, all three are keeping the next generation’s organized health priorities placed in life’s journeys.

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