1-2-3 formula towards achieving positive results. Help for trials in life.

Master Yoda is on point! Speak, I do!

“Do or Do not. There is no TRY”

“To be or not-to be that is the question.’ ‘A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.'” Hamlet’s and Napoleon Hill’s autosuggest famous words have resonated and caused immense influence to millions of readers with positive outcome.

The underlying word is simple. Fundamentally clear. It’s sensible. Just do it!

September, brings starting month full of newness.  Students in advance education, college, high-school, middle and elementary re-entering class rooms.

To energized yet anxious Kinder’s, foreign world is introduced. Stimulating periods in creativeness, calculations and comprehension; a young mind would now begin try to meet its practice’s required standard.

Parents, guardians, caregivers and child-care groups back to early rising.  Getting ready to fulfill curious eager minds.  Meeting their basic developing educational needs.

Applied genuinely, nurture is a factor which lies in structure’s core.  

There is only two ways: do or do not, there is no try.

My daughter Deanna has a full-blown heart for serving.  So it was not a surprise that she continued her pursuit in helping others by teaching.

Deanna started Especial Educator Teacher’s Aide job this week.  She has a “one on one” student that requires unique attention.  As with Deanna’s former pupil, current student necessitates personalize instruction method.  Nurturing is a key factor in gaining her student’s trust.

Last year’s, 6-year old “one-on-one” young child learned to trust, sees someone has his back.  Hope evident because of tireless encouragement.  Deanna’s focus on his well-being paved way to doing. Try may have allowed a speedier flight to give-up!

Honor, I give to ALL Educators.

As a mother of special needs child (now adult) there is no word to express my gratitude to Special Needs Teachers, Aids, Instructors and alike.  I hold all involved in our special needs community in high reverence.  Thank you!

Oftentimes, my empathy takes me down on my knees giving thanks for all of God’s goodness in this circle of loveliness.  Still, I’ve witnessed many carry on with such grandeur purpose, deflate.

Has your mind ever gone blank?  Sort of spaced out!

Trials in life can sometimes keep the door of our minds shut with a solid “vacant” signage hanging. Sometimes, our ability to connect, bareness go all the way to the layers of the meninges.

Constant high levels of cortisol hormone succeed to inject sleepless nights, weight gain, head and back aches, anxiousness, soar gut, unhealthy food cravings and lower immune system into our bodies. Life’s wagon pushing us off on the ground of insecurity!

So gravity weighs in and we freeze, seemingly no visible starting point.

I love these simple words of wisdom:

Get knowledge, apply and act on it. Simple enough! Sharing proven formula that may help you as it has helped me when I fell off of life’s band wagon!

1-2-3 formula towards achieving positive results.

1. What is your WHY in life? 

Why God?

Why better health?

Why your family?  

Why that job?  

Why go to school?  

Why that person?

Why not?

Does the answer make you emotional with passion? Is your answer: health issues, relationship, wayward child, employment, business, financial, seemingly hopeless situation or feeling like you’re at a dead-end?

‘The answer to your why is personal and reigns in the depth of your core.’ Annabelle Sabella-Reza.

Just thinking about my whys, make my eyes well up…its what drives me to plan of action.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Napoleon Hill.

2. Visualize and write the answer to your “why” down.

Place your key answer in visual reach for daily reminder. Then, draw characters or cut-out images representing your whys”. Tips: Write the answer to your “why” on journal, calendar, post-it and place on the refrigerator door, set a reminder on your cell phone, on mirrors, by the coffee pot and other places you visit multiple times daily.  Perhaps, your restroom.

You may consider accountability to a person who would remind you of your “why”. Glue the answer in your sub-conscious mind.

3. Plan of action! 

What is the first thing that comes to mind that would move you towards your dream or goal?

I was reminded of time our finances hit rock bottom and the first thing that came out of my mouth was: “dear God, help us!”  Indeed, a “déjà vu” at a time when, all that came out was a plead for help!

Those utterances took me first, in God’s presence, I delved in His Word.  My mind was rid of all murkiness of financial worries, made room to focus on activity needed.  My Why is God.  In Jesus Christ, my whys are clear!

Shortly after, we jotted a list of former colleagues, relatives and friends names; appeared as a vision of hope.  Followed by several phone calls made to these individuals, hope replaced our worried minds. And, help came!

In the following weeks and months, relief came in many forms:  information on government assistance for the unemployed, CARE discount program for utilities, medical bill aid programs for low-income, etc.  We applied on everything that we could qualify for.  And, were truly blessed; approved in all!

Read more on our biggest relief, $15,750 of FREE* money from Keep Your Home California – assistance for the unemployed homeowners!

In summarizing, your journey now is a definitive place in learning!  Hard, as it is, there is always a way out, depending on your aspirations and the answer to your WHY.

May you find the wisdom and strength to carry on“Do the thing (activity) and have the power!”  Slight Edge, Jeff Olson.

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