Exercise combinations you can do at the airport.

Do you exercise when you travel?  Traveling alone makes it really arduous to exercise! 

Oftentimes, the unfamiliar surroundings temp me to go against my workout routine.  Yet, my accountability is to self; ‘remember your belief in the small things you do, Annabelle!  The compounding effect of what you do everyday creates results!’

Flight Traveling means spending down time at the airport.  For some, it’s a time to catch-up on reading.  Others, a needed cessation. And, a handful, wish to exercise somewhere and somehow!

In packing for travel, reading materials and books are always packed in my carry-on along with my cell phone, a plastic bag, etc.  Always, work-out gear in the suitcase together with other personal transportable items.  Of course, the case gets checked in.  

My 1-2-3 steps in getting some exercise at the airport.

You might already do one or more of the following moves.  Perhaps, there may be one that you could incorporate with yours.  Note: moves may be uncomfortable but never painful.  Stop if you feel any pain!

First – Pack carry-on case a maximum of 8 pounds or less.  If you are a ‘bundle’ traveler carrying all the souvenirs (pasalubong) in your compact transporter, consider transferring items in your check-in suitcase.

Reminiscing, at the airport in Germany, two traveling companions and I have smaller than average carry-ons.  We landed at our connection stop airport with only 40 minutes to catch a bus transporting us travelers to the next airplane outbound to our destination, Dusseldorf. 

Flabbergasted, with bag in tote, my quick steps turned into a sprint-like dash towards our respective gate, quickly looked back and hollered at my companions to meet me at the gate. ‘I’ll see if the attendants would summon the bus driver to wait for three more passengers.’

I passed moving walkways, warned passersby “to your left, to your right”! Sprinting, looking and dodging my way through, seemingly a mile to the very last gate.  Mind you, I missed the bus by 300 seconds. Five minutes!

The takeaway, walkways at the airport are perfect for walking! Don’t try and sprint if you don’t have to!  Imagine toting a 10+ pounds sprinting down the walkways.  I did, hopefully not again!

Remember, to use one ear piece and keep volume at low.  Nothing like missing an announcement relating to your flight.  If you are short of time, stay close to your gate.

Tip:  Do you want to double your improvement? 
Listen to a personal development audio books.  

Second  Avoid the ‘lookie-loos’ syndrome.  Real Estate properties are not the only places for no-intention pattern playing, ‘just looking, not buying’ individuals!  Taking your strides from store to store will not provide a continuum.  Just think of the travel time in the airplane. (Albeit, there are exercises appropriate for plane confinement in my Part II – Inside the aircraft.)

The goal is to move un-interrupted period of time to infuse ample oxygen and good body blood flow.  You’ll feel energized and stay focused in your travel.  Later, experience better rest in the aircraft.

Are you ready?  Let’s step. Left, right, left.  Left, right left.  Continue without stopping for at least 10 minute (or more).  Breath!

Third – Remember those books and plastic bag, packed in the carry-on!  Pull all your reading materials and along with your sealed water bottle (or beverage) place in the plastic bag.  Tie the handles snug and secure.

Find a seat in a less crowded seating area.  BTW, where is your hand-carry? Pick up your packed plastic bag and do bicep curls.  Curl up two sets of ten.  Option: biceps curl at a standing position.

For triceps.  Seat has to be securely bolted on the ground or the wall. Sit at the front end, grip your hands on both sides by your hips. Stable with correct form, dip using your triceps, careful not to lock in your elbows. Complete 2 sets of 10 repetitions.  Don’t rush.  Control your movements.  Be safe in doing so.

Uncomfortable, yes or yes?  Remember to stop if you feel any pain!

More time at hand!  Have you seen travelers soundly asleep around and sometimes under chairs or seating areas? Sure, particularly when flights are delayed.  So why not do push ups during such time?  Do 2 sets of 10 push ups with your stomach held tight, protecting your back.  

Adding stretches and breathing in between will stir you awake, keeping you energized for sometime.

Options to the weighted plastic bag is your 8-lbs. carry-on bag! Awkward maybe, but arm curls are possible.  

Congrats, it’s time to celebrate.  Take out your water bottle and hydrate.  Salute!

Have fun exercising before you take that long-awaited and possibly long flight.  Maybe I’ll see you exercising at the airport!

Do everything cautiously.  See my Disclaimer and please check with your Doctor and/or Sports Medicine Physician before you start any physical exercise.

Are you interested in sharing exercise combinations you do when traveling?  Please comment below.  

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