Five easy steps toward eating healthy

Congratulations on your choice to pursue healthy meal planning. Adding healthy ingredients and food items on your grocery list starts now with obvious and sincere intention.

FIVE EASY STEPS into achieving positive results:

1. Re-train your taste buds.  Start to eat healthier means to re-instruct your old ways.  “It” doesn’t taste good, may be your taste’s initial reaction. The message inaudible, nevertheless, a resistance.

Taste buds cell regenerate!  We must teach and guide these newbies!  Our taste buds consist of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami (pronounced “oo-mommy” a pleasant savory taste.) Thus wrapping up the complete taste buds for fun dining.

2. Practice makes palatable. For our taste buds, tasty sense is actually achievable. Remember, it took some time to develop a craving for having that over zealous sweet nothing taste buds to demand a need.  Or, for that mouth-watering fanatical sodium to apiece our salty desires to conjure a need for a salt shaker on our dining table.

As for the bitter and sour tastes, well I love both so that goes without saying, there is but small adjustment needed with either one. No pun intended!

3. Be patient with yourself. Time is on your side. Take baby steps in understanding your body and its reaction. Allow a few weeks for a new habit to gain momentum.  Nothing is a quick fix!

4. Set a goal to improve on one thing everyday.  A goal without action is simply put, wishful thinking.  So act on it!

5. Budgeting for healthy food ingredients. Be encouraged with all the available options that surround us. Groceries, super-centers and local farmers’ market and alike offer abundant, affordable and healthy food choices.  Having a home garden beats costs of full-on organic produce.

Let’s get right to it. 

Add items that are nutritious and would satisfy yours and your family’s pleasant savory taste, “umami”.  

Hold your self accountable, have someone else and/or your child check the list for you.

Take an inventory of what is in your food cabinet or pantry as well as your refrigerator.  Please don’t toss anything, yet.  Just list them in the order of perishables and non-perishables.

Perishables may include your vegetables, fruits and some frozen items. Generally foods that need refrigeration.  Non-perishables may include packaged, boxed, canned, bottled and dried food items.

More on perishables:

Identify those food items that list ingredients with hydrogenated and/or partial-hydrogenated fats. Similarly, with those high-fructose are on its labels.  These ingredients are found mostly on packaged and boxed goods. Educate and evaluate what you are consuming, get your Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist and Doctor’s approval beforehand.


The key to reducing your risk for heart disease is lifestyle. 

Food choices, activity level, stress management and sleep are ALL part of your lifestyle.”

See more on Huntington Hospital’s write-up:

Know your seasonings especially your family’s favorite.  As salt is needed in our diet, most of us don’t need added salt.  My new favorite is “Kirkland Organic No Salt Seasoning”.  It contains many of the more popular choices of seasonings and you can find the list of ingredients on its label.

Make your list and check it twice.  Jot the first three healthy choices on your list to replace the less healthy ones you have.

~ Turkey lean patties with 97% lean and 3% fat, instead of beef lean patties with 85% 15% fat.
~ Wheat or multigrain burger buns to replace white buns, for more fiber content.  Most contain double the fiber, a few contain 4 times more.
~ Sandwich spread of 1 Tbsp. light mayonnaise contains 35 cal/30 (total fat of 3.5 g).  This is less than ½ the calories and fat compared to the regular one of the same measurement of 100 cal/100 (total fat of 11 g). 

You can start by replacing one item.  The sooner you apply this new healthier endeavor the sooner you will be on a wellness path.  Start your momentum towards improving your health. Remember, baby steps.

Being married to a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, we have placed a budget priority on food purchases. Understanding why you place a greater budget for what you put in your body is priceless.

Stocking for a healthier food selection is a fun adventure.  If you plan on spending money at all, I say, enjoy the process.  Remember, you have set a goal towards a healthier way and it is a great new adventure!  That in itself is exciting.

Eat before you go grocery shopping I have been shopping now for more than half of a century!  Grab a snack, fruit, drink a glass of milk, take a bottle filled with protein shake, etc. Eat before you drive off or consume your snack before you get out of your car and into your haven of self-control. Otherwise, unlisted items just might appear in your cart.

Making shopping trip a family fun time. Some of my best memories were those times my Mama would take me along food shopping at “palengke” (fresh food market).

Go through your mail for food market’s sales, discounts, coupons and rebates for the week.  Involve your child. Noting that your simple conversations are bonding and educational.

At the market, have your child apply newfound skills.  Have your child select one from two options towards an item on the list.  If your child is big enough, he/she can place the item in the cart.  My grandchildren love our food shopping errands.

Alone and food shopping is one of my favorite ‘alone time’. My food budgeting often leaves me with a little extra that goes into my personal envelope. With the money saved, I reward myself by purchasing an item that is not on my original list. Yay, it makes for a happy day!

For recipe ideas, visit “Annabelle’s Raw Cooking”.

Reminder: please visit my Disclaimer page and always check with your medical professional before attempting to start any health related nutrition plans and/or physical activities.

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