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If you are ready to receive some simple, useful and sensible information, here is the first group of Hot Topics to jump-start your journey.  Followed by Big Money Hot Topics and Living Healthy ways.

Hot Topics 

START BY CHOOSING GOD FIRST. Begin your journey to improving your overall welfare in Spiritual wellness.

Receiving God’s grace and mercy is freedom at its best!  A short story; my Creator was knocking at the door of my heart.  Why I turned the knob to open the door of my heart and invited Him in! My choice that has helped identify my philosophy in life: is my belief that I am a child of God.  “If God is for me, who can be against me?”  

GET STARTED ON HEALTHY MEAL PLANS.  Five easy steps into achieving positive results.  It takes time to build a habit. Similarly, it takes time to change or break a habit.

PIGGY BANK MONEY SAVING system for the entire family. Putting aside a few cents a day provides available cash for surprise expenditures: special gift, social activities, entertainment, money for personal treat, additional tithing and many other expenditures!  A fun money-saving way.

AN INTERVIEW WITH A REGISTERED DIETITIAN/NUTRITIONIST. SharingWealthInWellness talks with Joseph F. Reza, RD/N. What is a Registered Dietitian? What do you do and how do we benefit from your practice?

Big Money Hot Topic

HELP FOR THE UNEMPLOYED HOMEOWNERS and more: assistance in principal reduction, transition and mortgage reinstatement.  Sharing my biggest money find. $15,750 of FREE* mortgage payments from California’s KYHC. (See for similar programs in other states.)

HOW I SAVED HUGE MONEY BY EATING AT HOME!  Limiting outside dining allows for a greater savings plan . A family affair – team effort towards successful results.

Living Healthy

JUST MOVE.  Physical exercise is a chosen lifestyle.  I will share my small steps journey in making exercise a must activity in my everyday schedule. Ideas on carving out some time for exercising.

“YOU CANNOT OUT-EXERCISE A BAD DIET! Choosing healthy food is a viable step towards physical/health wellness. Exercise is the other half of the coin in eating nutritious meals.

HOW TO CARVE OUT TIME FROM WORK TO EXERCISE!  Easy and simple 1-2-3 steps that kept me physically moving at lunchtime. originated with you in mind. I’ll be sharing how small baby steps produce positive results in areas of life that are viable in living life abundantly.

Understanding the action word “choose”.  Making a choice to change your life, is the first step towards your own dream become a permanent reality or fade away.

Apply your knowledge. Finding out more about the simplest things you DO or NOT DO, would either positively affect or deprive you of your results!

The wellness information you have been looking for you and your family may just be available to you here at,  focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, experience long-lasting happiness.

I encourage you to seek, come back here and ask away!

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