How to carve out time from work to exercise

How to carve out time from WORK to exercise

How to carve out time from work schedule to exercise is doable when prioritized.

Creative ways to workout is fun resulting in array of successful upshots.  Gain momentum in un-restricted imaginations.  And, choose to start, now!

I am so excited to write this blog.  Exercise is in my blood like water composition makes up of 50-65% of an average human body.  My upbringing in the island was a huge jump-start to exercising regularly!

That is why I married a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach and is also a Registered Dietitian.  Ok more on Joseph here!

Adulthood came fast and I became accustomed to Western traditions.  Corporate America was my work world for nearly three decades.

My role as an executive assistant kept me more on the floor, stepped in-and-out from corner offices to offices and cubicles.  Marched like a soldier, I went up and down the hallways to summon managers to see my C-Level Executive (high-ranking executives) for a ‘last second’ meeting!

As the floor’s volunteer Safety Warden, I patrolled the floors regularly.  And, on surprised occasions, my strides transformed into virile weighted steps as directions to fellow employees and visitors alike, were made to follow company safety drill instructions.

Busy, was my assisting world!  We had perks that are now unheard of.  High performer employees have potential to receive merit raises for top performing, up to 35%, yes 35% of our annual salaries! Second to that is a cost of living increase multiple times per year.  Unheard of right?  

Company operations that were sensible, applied efficient ways to nurture workers.  Hour-long lunch time was a necessity and greatly encouraged by top management.  Meal time must be taken.  We didn’t eat and work at our desks!

My 1-2-3 formula in whittling time for exercise.  Whether you work from home or outside, my proven formula has worked for over 4 decades and still does!

Ways on carving out time from home to exercise here.

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1. Choose to exercise wherever you are.

One hour is ample to squeeze in 20, even 30 minutes of exercise.  Pack your essentials: your tennis shoes and socks in a bag, place them by you for visual reminder.

2. Identify the types of exercises you can do in the amount of time you set out.

Have a nutritious snack at break time or an hour before your exercise time.  In this scenario, start by walkingChoose the stairwells as much as possible.  If your knees are not up to par, use the elevator and take your strides outside.

To get oxygen into your body, breath deeply in and out as you take your first steps. Breathing rhythmically, comfortably and continually as you exercise. Be aware of your surroundings if you are walking alone, look-out for safety hazards.

Measure your target distance or allocated time.  Most mobile phones are equipped to measure steps, distance, actual number of steps and floors.  These readings give one a sense of accomplishment.  Intensity can be increased slowly as you get into the momentum of moving.

IMG_8257-ANIMATIONStretch as you cool down.  Important part of any exercise is to complete or end with stretching.  Stretches are helpful specially if you have a job that keeps you seated for long periods of time!  Total time: 30 max!

3. Celebrate. 

At the end of your exercise, EAT your (preferably) packed lunch. Packing your own food from home will likely be healthier than not.  My preference is yogurt with trail mix or a small salad with protein and usually a fruit.

Remember to savor the moment of eating. Satiety is met when you have the focus on your meal. Total time to unpack, eat and clean-up: 25 minutes.

Now what to do with that 5 extra minutes?

Note:  Depending on your individual physical situation, DO NOT attempt to begin an exercise program. Consult with your physician or appropriate medical professionals for approval to exercise.  Consider a Certified Personal Trainer for a more custom fit program. 

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