It is simple to do and so simple not to do.

“Simple little disciplines that, done consistently over time will add up to the biggest accomplishments.”  Jeff Olsen, Author of The Slight Edge.

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The post tech gadget served me well into my childhood.  I had so much fun in simple outdoor activities with my siblings and relatives.  Our day was filled with continued physical activities into the night.

Together, we played games, learned to read, completed our chores both inside and outside of our homes, ate at the table and ended our day by simply listening and talking with family members.  The day’s 24 hours were easily consumed with no time to spare.

As for me, they were the simple things that set me towards improving my physical and mental conditioning.  A strategy that I have been applying to this day.  The simple, easy and fun activities I do over time that keeps me in physical wellness.

Knowing and applying.

Knowing and understanding what the outcome would look like is the first step in setting a goal.  There is no game planning any easier than finding out and acquiring the knowledge of what may occur.  Picture the result, aim for it and move!

There is no quick fix and no short-cuts to having health and fitness.  Nothing stable and healthy anyways.

Doing the easy and small things every day will direct you to the compounding effect towards positive result.

The easy nurturing activities that I do, continually.  It is simple to do and so simple not to do.

Pray, eat and play are the first three things I do in the morning.  They are set in stone and fuel my energy for the day’s affairs.

My formula for playing, starts with a choice to move.  A choice to do physical exercise everyday, I make each day.  Yes, sometimes, my sight is unable to focus come morning, wake up Annabelle!

So, my coffee time with God is my jumpstart…and there I go, with my belief in-tact, I change worship music channel to disco, and toggle back. Yes, disco! Ooh, on the top playlist is my fave, Donna Summers album.

First, I exercise my mind by reading.  I take deep breaths. My lungs feel the goodness of exhaling deep and long.  Another deep breathing through the nose and out with my mouth.  Now try it…Ok, was that nice?  Yes, or yes?

With oxygen now flowing in my cerebellum and successfully nourished the rest of my body, my mind is sharper to act out my choice; just move already.

Easy moves piling for a better me.  My easy 1-2-3 formula I pen on my journal and calendar.

1. Date and log my thoughts and actions in my daily journal for accountability.
2. Inform someone who hold the same value to my goals; solidifies my commitment.
3. Sign a contract on my calendar in red color pen on the day I began.

“Agreement: Annabelle, move towards your goal to exercise everyday, except for a rest day – Sundays!”

Baby steps that took my goal for a bigger step today – a routine.
9:00 a.m., I stepped out of my front door with my cell phone’s ear piece in one ear, listened to Christian workout hits off of my Amazon Music in a low enough volume to hear other street sounds and its surroundings.  I walked an uphill street in my neighborhood for ½ mile.

Paused for a few seconds, switched my music to disco!  With oxygen free-flowing in my muscles, my legs moved in progression with faster strides.  In motion 20 minutes later, I achieved another ½ mile and stepped faster.  My heart-rate has elevated, my body thriving with infused oxygen.  I experienced the positive effects of exercise, endorphins secreted and everything became beautiful.  The journey was joyful and lasting.

Everyday, I worked on improving my time, intensity and distance.  For bone health, I added skip, step-up and down a curve, jump squats and light jog.

Within a few weeks, my goal to walk, skip, jump squat and jog for 2 miles, was achieved.  I am now back on track, striving for my next goal to stretch my distance to add .1 miles!

Remember to cool down and stretch.  Stretching also helps with the elongation of your muscle fiber.  Think sculpting your physique.

Please listen to your body.  You may feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Stop if you feel pain.

I’m your partner, so come on let’s do our slight edge, just move!

Please note:  See my Disclaimer page.  Check with your doctor for approval before attempting to start any physical exercise.  I am here to support my readers’ desire to start an exercise program.  All your efforts, especially, the small and seemingly insignificant things, are all of value!  The compounded effect of positive choices results in a healthier you!

Please comment for any questions and best wishes to you.

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