Placing worth in the decisions we make towards health is equally deserving of our time we invest in other goals and activities.

How to make time from your busy schedule to EXERCISE!

How to make time from your busy schedule to EXERCISE—may be challenging, yet viable.

Recognize the struggle is not with the lack of time. 

Placing worth in the decisions we make towards health is equally deserving of our time we invest in other goals and activities.

In: “How to carve out time from work to exercise”, I stress on using a portion of lunch-time for walk-time.  I am sharing similar steps in shaving just 15 minutes out of the demands, seemingly taking—yes, vying for your attentionYour physical health!

This formula is adjustable for health changes that may hinder you to continue a set workout program. Hence, you may follow this proven formula.

Simple to do—simple enough not to do!

Time and again, we are reminded by others that our health is important.  How important is it then?

Wishfulness that would turn to years of…that: “Someday” will come, where time is plentiful and then, we can commit to our own health.

But…what would our health be then?

Furthermore, busyness is building to its peak, as the holiday season is now publicly around the bend. 

Note:  Depending on your individual physical situation, DO NOT attempt to begin an exercise program before you consult with your physician or appropriate medical professionals for release to exercise. Consider a Certified Personal Trainer for a more custom fit program. 

My 1-2-3 formula in making time for exercise.  Whether you work from home or outside, a business owner, busy caregivers, full-time student, in Senior Management—my proven formula has worked for over 4 decades and could very well work for you!

Pack a set of exercise clothes, T-shirts, shorts, extra walking socks, bathing suit, rubber shoes, and a water bottle.  I use my Fannie pack to keep my ID, key, and etc.  Remember, to keep your workout gear handy.

Ways on carving out time from home to exercise here.

First: Choose to exercise wherever you are.

Yes, wherever you are.

I am reminded of the time, a planned family visitation in the Philippines required me to rest up and be physically ready for the round-trip travel.  Losing two days alone from the time change, plus settling circadian rhythm lagging behind, my body was aching for a workout!

Elated in converging with family notably, dining time!  I felt like I had to catch up on all the OG dishes and desserts. My hiking consumption rate was ignored—I though any weight gained would soon leave me in the dust. Yet, walking is always a time etched out.

Since strolling on the City streets was not always an option, I opted to walk to the Fresh Market — and what a treat it turned out to be.  It was reminiscent of my mother shopping for fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables with me in tote.  Back when we shopped for our food items four to five times a week, freshness was at its best!

There was an option to walk in massive malls, so huge, actually an island of its own! One, in particular, would measure several times a football field, to be exact, 76 football fields in total.

Mall of Asia, also known as MOA, built centered in Bay City, Pasay, Philippines.  It sits on 42 hectares of land (103+ acres) and measures 4,380,500 square feet with 600 plus stores and 217 dining establishments! Featuring an Olympic-size skating ring. Imagine another poser, Mall of Asia is 12th on the list of the largest malls in the world!

Yes, I say…WHAT?  Perfect for walking, for days on out.

How to make time from your busy schedule to exercise?  In bad weather too!

Bad weather scenario within the same travel example.  October brings rain with bowling bowl lanes’ sounds of thunder and lightning.  Driving elsewhere or street walking was out of the question.  It so happens at my brother’s home, he had two ready treadmills, add to these apparatus, a home gym set-up.  I had no excuse.

Once I jumped on one treadmill, my brother joined and fifteen minutes was depleted speedily.

But, what if you don’t have any workout equipment? Read on.

Second: Where ever you are, identify the types of exercises you can do and in the amount of time you set out to.

Look for stairs and floors free from hazardous material.

~ Exercises you can do on stairs: step-up for 15 minutes.  Push-ups: 2 sets of 10.  Tri-cep dips: 2 sets of 10.

~ Floor exercise options, build your stamina and do 2 sets of 10: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges.  Jumping jacks, and/or jog in place for 15 minutes for a cardio workout.

We absorb energy through food intake also known as food energy which fuels our body.  So, pack a nutritious snack when traveling, for office work, on the road, attending a class, or caring for your patients.  Be mindful of consuming nutrition, food or snack and hydrating before you exercise. I usually have a protein bar and plenty of water.

If you are in a building, choose the stairwells as much as possible.  If your knees are not up to par, use the elevator and take your strides outside.

To get oxygen into your body, take breaths rhythmically, comfortably and continually as you take your first steps. Be aware of your surroundings if you are walking alone, look-out for safety hazards.

Measure your target distance or allocated time.  Most mobile phones are now equipped to measure steps, distance, the actual number of steps and floors.  These readings may give one a sense of accomplishment.  Intensity may be increased slowly as you get into the momentum of moving.

Stretch as you cool down.  An important part of any exercise is to complete or end with stretching.  Stretches are helpful especially if you have a job or travel that keeps you seated for long periods of time!  Total time: 30 max!

Third: Celebrate: Eat, drink and be merry.

At the end of your exercise, recover by replenishing with healthy snacks or a meal. Packing your own food from home will likely be healthier than not.  My preference is yogurt with trail mix or a small salad with protein and usually a fruit.

Drink plenty of fluids, a cold iced green tea, recovery drink with protein powder, or your favorite beverage.

Remember to savor the moment of eating. Satiety is mostly met when you have the focus on your meal.

Schedule your workout program at least three times a week; where ever you are at.  Each added time you make is worth placed on your health. Congratulations!

Enjoy merriness, you deserve it!

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