Natural flavors of RAW foods cater to your "umami" taste!

Growing up, ‘hito’ aka catfish swam freely in puddles and ponds surrounding our home.  Antlered hito, is an edible fish with overpowering wild taste. Not quite our family cooks favorite, yet served crunchy pan-fried, the taste of its earthy and raw traits is satieting!

Thankful, Supermarkets offer medley selections of ‘wild’ Alaskan, Atlantic, Pacific and etc. and it’s seafood labeling, most accurate in its content.  Yet, be mindful of small print positioned just below, product of USA, ‘farm raise’.

An interesting read on wild Sockeye salmon fish:

Baked Halibut
Serves 4


1-1/2 lbs. – Wild halibut steaks
1 Tbsp. ginger grated
3 cloves, garlic minced
2 stalks, green onion chopped
6 leaves, basils chopped
1 med., lime or lemon fresh squeezed
1 Tbsp., vegetable oil
1 Tbsp., light soy sauce
Seasonings to your taste: Pink Sea Salt, pepper, etc.

Set oven temperature to bake, to 480o degrees.

Clean both sides of fish steaks with damp paper towels in wiping motion.  Cut in proportion to your family and/or friends serving sizes.  Oftentimes, children have lesser serving sizes.

Place on a foiled lined baking pan or on a no-stick pan.  Mix all the remaining ingredients together in a small bowl.  Spoon mixture over pre-prepared fish steaks.  Bake at 480o degrees for 18 minutes.

Note: baking ovens vary, my convection oven bakes at a lower amount of time and settings.

Grill Option.  Place fish steaks on grilling pan. Spoon mixture over fish.  Adjust mixture amount for each portion as you like or divide evenly to four parts and spread.  Grill direct at 480o degrees for 18 minutes or less.

Note: Do not overcook fish!  Check for doneness. You can never undercook wild fresh fish!

Serve hot with black rice or multi-grain bread.  In picture is a family recipe for cucumber salad!

Enjoy 😉

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