National Grandparents Day, 9.11.16: Last Minute Gift Ideas!

National Grandparents Day – Last minute gift ideas!

September 11, 2016, is National Grandparents Day, special celebration is in three short days.

And, why not celebrate all month of September?  Can I get a vote, grandparents?

For more on this brilliant idea, please see attached link below.

September of 1996, first hand-held cellular phone to grace the palms of my hands is the Nokia model 1610, .  This new tech gadget was a gift from my soon to be grand-father, husband.  I was beyond thrilled to receive the news and gush of grandeur honor.  First one of five sweet blessings bestowed to us.

Our daughter’s due date was penned on all our calendars, phone books and study journals.  Not wanting to miss reminders spots, ‘post its’ on the refrigerator door.  Secretly…off sight, I had ‘post its’ on each top dresser drawer, side mirrors, washer and dryer, and oh, the pantry.  Mind you, the list expands at work: ‘post its’ on computer screen, phone handset, file cabinets, lunch bag, coffee-maker, etc.  NO KIDDING!

A love affair with my grand-son began permeating in my heart and mind.  As attention goes into nurturing of a seedling, our child received prayers even before he was conceived.  Prayers for our children included; current and future life in awakening or dreaming hours. Though, pregnancy was addressed as “baby”, every hour of each day, formation of a boy has taken place.

God is so gracious and merciful.  I have been on my knees in prayer for our children.

And, the Lord answers in the most loving way, a child will be born to your lineage and his name shall be Jonathan!

On time, thanks largely to post-its with my new calling gadget, I was present in the delivery room as the early stages of my daughter’s contractions progressed.  I witnessed God’s miracle of life. An indescribable sharing of love, a family allegiance.

“Oh boy,” Jonathan!

In the old testament, 1st Samuel, “Jonathan”, was a strong royal prince and heir to Israel’s King Saul.  He was of loyal virtue.  King David a favored one was blessed by Jonathan’s friendship beyond his human understanding.  Until death, Jonathan displayed his loyalty to God’s appointed.

As King David was blessed with immense devotion by a friend, God wrapped our first grandson with His obvious allegiance to His people, my family (that is all of us.)

Grandparenthood, is receiving God’s grace and mercy.  Within a few years, we would be blessed with four more sweet little angels, they still are!  With Ezekiel, Zen, Marley and Navi, our children’s extension of love, we dotingly reciprocate.

I am grateful for new and refreshed world, with hope renewed, now a quick responsive Nay-Nay (grandmother) to five.  Who wouldn’t want to give and receive love over and over again!

Last minute gift ideas!

Here is a list of gift ideas for your grandparents to be or ‘fresh out of the oven’ grands and/or experienced ‘givers of almost everything’ in your life?

~ Mobile phone

~ Tablet

~ Apps and/or software (video calling)

~ Internet connection

~ Books, my top most favorite: How to spoil your grandkids (just kidding!) Warning to parents: grandparents are equipped with built-in auto shift labeled “S“.

~ Prayer Book

~ Journal

“National Grandparents Day happens every September, but grandparents and families shouldn’t limit the celebration to just one day a year. It’s a perfect time to reach out and connect to family members, whether they live close by or far away. Here are a few ideas to help celebrate!

Introduce a Blast From the Past
What your grandkids do for fun is probably vastly different than what you did as a child. Bridge that gap by introducing them to your favorite board games and activities, or the music and movies you loved watched growing up. They’ll get a kick out of the retro entertainment, and you’ll get to pass your passions on.

Share Your New Favorites
Do you love attending local baseball games or taking walks in a favorite park? Maybe you’re a big fan of shopping, or fishing in a nearby lake. Next time, invite family members to share your favorite hobbies. You’ll create memories and perhaps introduce them to a new pastime.

Host Your Family
Grandkids will love a sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s, and your kids will be grateful for the night off. Work together to find a time when your grandchildren can visit. This would also be a wonderful chance to share some of those retro games and movies.

Pick Up the Phone
Give your kids and grandkids a simple phone call to say “hello,” or better yet—text. Small gestures like these are appreciated in busy, day-to-day lives. Prepaid wireless providers like TracFone make staying connected to family affordable, thanks to a variety of feature phone and smart phone devices, and airtime service plans that can fit your lifestyle and help you save—like the TracFone LG Rebel LTE. Visit for more information on low-cost, no-contract plans.

Preserve Memories
Invite the family over to create scrapbooks, or for an updated twist, share favorite photos and moments electronically with your smartphones to collaborate on online albums. If your phone has a camera, like the TracFone LG Rebel LTE, you can easily send pictures to family near and far. And with TracFone’s nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks, you can be sure that communication will be smooth, no matter where everyone is located.

Start a Family Book Club
Whether your family lives down the block or miles away, reading is a wonderful way to stay connected. Take turns choosing the books, then get together—either in person or via phone—to discuss that month’s pick. Grandparents, parents and older grandkids can all participate.

Write a Letter
Not an email, but a good, old-fashioned letter. Your family will love getting something other than bills in their mailbox, and they may even return the favor.

Reward Yourself
Spending time with family is wonderful, but sometimes it is nice to have a little “me time,” too! Celebrate this month with a shopping spree or by booking a special trip. If you crave company, you could even treat your family to your favorite restaurant!”


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