25c per day - Piggy Bank saving formula fit for the entire family

.25 cents Piggy Bank saving formula fit for the entire family.  Start with a quarter each day.

I have been saving coins for as long as I can remember.  In talking to my siblings, they too have a coin collection hobby.  Could it be in our genetics, hardly so!  A learned behavior, maybe, after all our father did so himself.

Back when, my possession included valuable assortment of vintage containers, jars, cardboard boxes and a couple sox to hold my collection of coins. Then I discovered the piggy bank container that whisked me up to cloud nine.  Like fireworks that lit part of my world. Imagine that, a unique container for saving coins, I was astonished!

Experience the consistent wealth building from saving your few cents, a quarter and applying the compounding formula.

Do you have .30 cents of spare change?  Follow these small steps and experience a fun saving adventure to save $100 in 12 months:

First choose a “piggy bankcontainer.  There is now a variety of designs to select from.  Since hippos everything is my favorite, I have a hippo bank ceramic container and have doggy ones along with the pioneer of them all, a piggy.

Select rather, a container design with no extra access holes or opening anywhere else.  One-coin slot is all you need.  Doing so, will help lower temptations to withdraw coins anytime you want. A clear see-through glass could very well provide you more incentive in seeing how your small amount is adding up.  Plastic material are good options, but a rarity to find one without a stopper/opener.

Applying art work on your chosen bank will provide a personal and fun project for you and/or your family member.  So dig up those oil paint tubes along with your brushes and start painting.  Here is a picture of one hippo bank that my youngest daughter gave me as a gift back in 1999 bloated with quarters to this day…isn’t she cute?

Piggy bank savings

My hippo bank formula, you can follow:
Day 1, drop a quarter.
Day 2, drop another quarter.
Day 3, drop another quarter.
And, so on and so forth for the next remaining days of the year.

You would have $88 by the end of 12 months.  Now imagine, if you could just add four (.04) more pennies every day. .29 cents each day will give you a sum of $100 at the end of your year.

Are you still undecided, think about that special event you have been wanting to attend?  A spa day maybe?  Moreover, a long-awaited date night with your honey or that awesome pair of Sketchers shoes, get one and the 2nd pair at 50% off?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to dig deep into their pockets and give up $3.50 for a cup of coffee, ok, about $1.50 if you bring your own cup at 7-Eleven.  BTW, I think 7-Eleven has one of the best and affordable coffee ever.

For my special purchases, I simply double my ante with a double back savings.  So, .50 cents a day = $176 in one year.  Let’s put this in perspective, an amount enough to pay for:
7-8 months’ gym membership
~ 58 gallons of milk
~ 2 spare tires
~ 2 months’ automobile insurance premium
~ 1-year membership with Amazon Prime or
~ $5 yogurt treat for 35 times.

Wow, I can keep on listing great and worthwhile goodies and ways to use money saved from my piggy bank formula.

A new endeavor I part with you.  I gave myself a challenge slightly more each passing year and have now arrived to saving all new minted quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies directly into, this double the size purple polka-dotted piggy bank.  It’s almost full 😉

Piggy bank savings This piggy bank savings formula is so flexible.  You can formulate any amount you want to save.  If you cannot afford a quarter a day, try for less or attempt to drop some coins in variable amounts each day The choice is yours.

As you look for that “piggy bank” container, consider the hippo banks.  It may just drive you to hunt for those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters lying around!

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