"This life we are graced by God in beautiful colors not only of the skin, but of each one a unique and colorful personality."

Part I – Tribal Family

I am more commonly referred to as “Pinay,” a female gender reference for Filipino ethnicity (Pinoy for a male).  Adorned with island upbringing in the Philippines, my nurturing was paired with enhanced western living.

There are many of mixed origins living in all parts of the world.

Traveling to Asia, Canada, Europe, Mexico and North America (USA/Caribbean Islands) brought much certainty that the Filipinos are spread globally.  Seeing cultural blending in other parts of the world, gave me a sense of acuteness in their lifestyle.  An obvious modest healthier living.

Joseph, my husband loves green leafy anything, all fruits, multi grain and the colorful rice I eat!  He is my go to dietitian/nutritionist.  See him on “An Interview with a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.”

Daughters, Sam and Deanna are both amazing cooks and have been inspired by our tribal mix ways of preparing foods for their families.

I can’t wait to share some of my son-in-law’s cooking!  He truly is a blessing, in my opinion.  Anytime he cooks, my “umami” palates and stomach are fully satisfied.  Satiety at its best!  Later on Christian.

Our children and theirs, love to eat, everything!  Well almost…in this tribal family, there is no room for critique first and eat.  We sniff, eat and compliment, ok, most of the time!  We are Filipino-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Anglo-Americans, Cuban-Americans, African-Americans, Japanese-Americans and Nicaraguan-Americans, self-made Chefs and Sous Chefs!

‘This life we are graced by God in beautiful colors not only of the skin, but of each one a unique and colorful personality.’©

It is what makes me and you wholesome.  It is what each one of us is made of.  It is what the nation and the world is made of!  

In the next part, I share the fundamental and healthy ingredients in food recipes, which are staple in the Reza home.  My older brother Rick (“Kuya”) once referred to my cooking as raw.

So it is, Kuya: Part II – Tribal FoodAnnabelle’s Raw Cooking.

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A “Pinay” at heart, beautified by the Western ways. Respond to God’s calling, it never fails. Tribal of many colors include many personalities; a part of one’s wholesomeness. Experience lifelong happiness by living a healthy lifestyle.